Nov 12 * Poslové záhrobní, nový radiodokument dvojice Jiřička/Tarnovski, má dnes premiéru na ČRo Vltava
Sep 28 * Haco & Tarnovski are featured on the Intermediale Festival compilation and catalog
Sep 18 * Federselův rozhlasový feature Když jsem bejval tramp (s hudbou Wabi Experience) je k poslechu na ČRo Vltava
Jun 19 * Jan Burian: Theatre Pieces Vol. 1 is out via Jipangu • selected and compiled by Tarnovski • mastered by Federsel
Jun 11 * B4: Plastová okna Remixed is out now via Polí5 • incl. remixes by Tarnovski, Federsel and more
May 04 * Federsel’s track 'Calendar Vertigo 2020' is featured on the new cassette compilation from XYZ project
Apr 21 * ATTN:SPAN. Compilation of 10-second tracks by ATTN:Magazine designed for shuffle playback. Featuring tracks from Delphine Dora, Haco, Phil Minton, Oren Ambarchi, Tomoko Sauvage, Tarnovski and many more. Every penny raised going to Cool Earth.
Apr 12 * Wabi Experience on Atmósfera - Radio 3
2021 May 6 Wabi Experience: Buď připraven! @ Ponrepo, Prague, CZ, SILENT FILM CONCERT / STREAM
2021 May 10 Nikl + Janíček + Žižka + Ferenc + Federsel @ Alfred ve dvoře, Prague, CZ, STREAM
2021 May 15 Tarnovski @ MENU, w/ Mai Mai Mai, Hradec Králové, CZ, LIVE
2021 May 16 Tarnovski @ Punctum, w/ Mai Mai Mai, Prague, CZ, LIVE
2021 Jun 12 Gurun Gurun + Meandér @ 007, Prague, CZ, LIVE
2021 Jun 18 Gurun Gurun @ Špína, Radio Wave, CZ, BROADCAST

"Post-pop reverie" (PlayGround)
"Gurun Gurun’s tracks strike a nice balance between natural sounds and computer deconstruction." (Foxy Digitalis)
"Gurun Gurun return with their beautiful and bewildering sophomore LP, 'Kon B', creating not just an album, but an experience." (Anthem Review)
"Gurun Gurun have crafted an album of mysterious electro-acoustic expedition." (Foreign Accents)
"All I really can say is ‘wow.’ You just have to hear it…" (Cyclic Defrost)