Sep 01 * many thanks to Haco for including Wabi Experience in her selection for The Glow
Aug 24 * Tomáš Knoflíček's 'Vaguely Delimited Targets' is featured over at Bandcamp Daily
Jun 18 * Gurun Gurun ve Špíně na RW
May 25 * A lovely interview with Haco about her forthcoming album Nova Naturo on Chain DLK
May 11 * Tarnovski’s tribute mix to the great Creel Pone label is up now on Alfred ve dvoře
May 04 * A collection of remixes we've done over the years for friends will be out on May 7 >
May 01 * Don't miss the next screening in the series of A Season of Classic Films.The free online worldwide screening of Buď připraven! will be accompanied with music by the Wabi Experience. May 6, FB event
Apr 22 * It's always an absolute pleasure working with our dear friend Haco. 'Frozen In Time' is the first tune on her new album. ‘Nova Naturo' is out June 18 via Room40 / Someone Good
Apr 08 * Prosoxi Skylos: The Great Court is out now on Jipangu
2021 Aug 26 Tarnovski @ Potrvá, w/ Jasnovidec, Prague, CZ, LIVE
2021 Sep 9 Wabi Experience: Buď připraven! @ Divadlo 29, Pardubice, CZ, SILENT FILM CONCERT
2021 Sep 10 Gurun Gurun @ POHYB - ZVUK - PROSTOR 2021, w/ Fausto Mercier and more, Litultovice, CZ, LIVE
2021 Sep 25 Tarnovski @ Punctum, w/ Mai Mai Mai, Prague, CZ, LIVE
2021 Oct 02 Tomáš Knoflíček @ Plato, w/ Genot Centre, Ostrava, CZ, LIVE
2021 Oct 06 Tomáš Knoflíček @ Klub Brno, w/ Rafani, Ostrava, CZ, LIVE

"Post-pop reverie" (PlayGround)
"Gurun Gurun’s tracks strike a nice balance between natural sounds and computer deconstruction." (Foxy Digitalis)
"Gurun Gurun return with their beautiful and bewildering sophomore LP, 'Kon B', creating not just an album, but an experience." (Anthem Review)
"Gurun Gurun have crafted an album of mysterious electro-acoustic expedition." (Foreign Accents)
"All I really can say is ‘wow.’ You just have to hear it…" (Cyclic Defrost)